Demolition: Selective & Deconstruction for Residential and Commercial Projects

Selective Demolition

We supply selective demolition and interior demolition services to prepare structures for restoration. Our selective demolition services are invaluable to clients who want to destroy a structure or structure that is attached to a building or structure they wish to keep. Examples of Selective Demolition include:

  • Chimney or stack demolition
  • Silo demolition
  • Air managing system or dust collection system eliminations
  • Selective dismantlement of obsolete structures
  • Dismantlement and removal of undesirable storage facility areas
  • Removal of penthouses

What is Deconstruction?

Deconstruction is an environmentally friendly option to traditional demolition. We at Nu Rock Construction care deeply about the environment and make sure all of our deconstruction jobs show that belief by collaborating with our customers guaranteeing their deconstruction is as green as possible. By using Deconstruction Solutions, opposed to utilizing Conventional Demolition, 70% to 90% of products are prevented from going to landfills. Our aim has actually constantly been to do our finest to protect each of the product's highest value in order to recover costs on the job and largely minimize the carbon footprint of every one of tasks, protecting both our customers and our cities joy.

We want to make sure that Vancouver's natural beauty is untainted by Traditional Demolition that negatively impacts the environment. We position a keen emphasis on practices that focus on the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system.

What is LEED Leaders across the globe have actually made LEED the most commonly utilized green building score system worldwide with 1.7 million square feet of construction area licensing every day. LEED accreditation offers independent confirmation of a building or neighborhood's green features, enabling the style, construction, operations and upkeep of resource-efficient, high-performing, healthy, cost-efficient buildings. LEED is the triple bottom line in action, benefiting people, planet and earnings.

Why Choose Nu Rock? We have contributed many chances to recycle product on high profile construction tasks. This necessary collaborating of recycling and salvageable chances diverts lots of functional product from regional landfills. We have experience in the deconstruction field, and have a team of experts for performing this approach of careful, eco-friendly work. We put unique significance on following the LEED criteria, we desire every one of our projects to meet the recycling compliance goals and become LEED certified.

Residential Demolition

We can carry out a complete home demolition or concentrate on interior spaces for tasks like restroom remodellings, cooking area remodels and room additions. We likewise carry out exterior property demolitions for pools, concrete, landscapes and carports. Our years of experience and expertise mean we comprehend precisely what it requires to finish the job, which manages expenses and offers you a more accurate estimate for the work.

When you're on the hunt for a safe and cost reliable Residential Demolition, you can trust the specialists at Nu Rock Construction. You can rely on our experience and integrity to offer safe, cost-efficient overall residential structure demolition.

Commercial Demolition

We have substantial experience working in the industrial demolition trade including total, selective and interior regulated demolition. We are selective and managed in our demolition in order to protect the integrity of what property and products require to stay.

Industrial demolition hardly ever takes place in an open field. Our commercial demolition portfolio includes warehouses, office structures, bridge decks, grocery shops, and airplane hangars.

On every business demolition task we deal with, we pay special attention to our influence on the surrounding location and the ecological effects. Our workers are trained above and beyond British Columbia requirements to ensure a safe demolition website for everybody, while our high-efficiency green demolition approaches help minimize our ecological footprint, which is fantastic for everyone involved on the task!

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