Home Renovations

We know how difficult it can be to discover the ideal contractor for a job. That's what Nu Rock Construction provides for a living and our specialists exist to assist you with a number of kind of jobs for your home or domestic structure (and commercial projects).

Kitchen area Remodelling

As part of your kitchen restoration, you will need to undertake essential planning. This makes sure that the end result matches your vision. This planning includes:

Considering your functional requirements, A cooking area style expert will help you! They'll plan your devices and area that will match your needs.

Considering your workspace, You will want to guarantee you deal with a designer to figure out a design. They'll ensure it's ideal for the utilization of the space.

Evaluating storage alternatives, You likely have a lot of utensils, dishes, and perishables in your cooking area. Dealing with a cabinetmaker ensures they'll give you adequate area.

Picking products, With the proficiency of a cabinetmaker, you can ensure the materials (e.g. for your kitchen cabinetry), are the best value for your budget. They'll provide you the sturdiness and look you seek.

Selecting the best flooring, A specialist kitchen area renovator will be able to recommend various choices to match your needs. For instance, ceramic tiles vs wooden floor.

Choosing your countertop materials, Whether you choose an engineered or natural stone, butcher block or aluminium, working with a professional will guarantee you get the design and utility you're searching for within a counter top.

Bathroom Renovation

Chose it's time to remodel your restroom or powder space? There are numerous options to consider. Should you opt for a full turnkey restroom restoration, starting with a complete demolition and altering the layout, or just replacing the tiles and components. Dealing with a bathroom remodelling professional will ensure you plan the new design of the bathroom efficiently. Elements such as lighting, pipes, tiling, are given unique factor to consider to ensure the work is carried out effectively. See the current restroom patterns from one of our most current blog site articles.

Basement Remodelling

Would you like to just end up the basement or rather begin from scratch with an entirely new dream basement style? To explore real completed basement restoration projects with their associated cost tags.

House Addition

Whether you have a growing household or just prefer more space but enjoy your present location, a home addition is typically an excellent choice to consider. They might also need the partnership of a house addition contractor and a structural engineer and/or designer.

Roofing contractors

The roof is in lots of ways your most important security against water infiltration and significantly contributes to the appearance and design of your house. 

Brick mason

Do you have a masonry project you're seeking to have done? Whether it's to restore a brick maintaining wall, a new front deck, bring back existing brickwork or stone masonry or any other domestic masonry work, we have the professional masons you can depend carry out your job effectively. It's important that you entrust your project to a specialist specializing in masonry. They have the abilities and experience to perform remarkable long-lasting work.

Heating and A/C

Does your a/c or heating unit appear obsolete or constantly force you to readjust it? It may be time to speak with a specialist who can provide you with the brand-new heating and air conditioning system finest fit to your house and your requirements. Whether you need a main heat pump, a wall-mounted air-conditioning unit, an air exchanger, an electrical boiler, a heated floor, ventilation ducts or any other kind of heating or cooling option, we will help you with your task! We will supply advice on any grants and tax credits to which you might be entitled!

French Drain

When its lifetime is nearing conclusion, prevent damage to your foundation and basement by replacing the drain. A non-functional drain might no longer be sending out water that approaches your foundation to the pump in your house or to the city sewer. This will cause wetness retention on your structure, produce condensation inside your property, increase the risk of cracks and perhaps result in water infiltration in your basement. The life of a French drain is normally about 25 years. Let us discover you French drain specialists confirmed at 360 ° to restore your French drain! They can likewise waterproof the foundation of your home with a water resistant membrane.

Doors and Windows Setup

Make sure to choose a qualified contractor when picking your windows and doors; but especially for installing them when it's time to open your home to the sun! The most effective window that would be incorrectly set up, might leave your house susceptible to seepage and heat loss. Whether you have PVC windows, aluminium windows, wooden windows, bay windows, PVC patio doors, aluminium patio area doors, or aluminium entrance doors, we have the experts for doors and windows setup. With our windows and doors contractors, you will be offered with the best solutions for your home. This consists of thermal and ENERGY STAR ® doors and windows. We can likewise encourage you on the specific grants and/or tax credits you may be entitled to.

Deck contractor

Seeking to construct a deck, veranda, patio, gallery or terrace? Look no further! We have the deck professionals and balcony contractors you need. Our specialists can supply you with a number of design choices for railings, decks, and verandas; a few of which include treated wood, red cedar, Ipe wood, concrete (or concrete patio), composite (or composite terrace), aluminium balcony or a fibreglass balcony.

Exterior cladding and siding

Whether your goal is an aesthetic change or weather condition protection, your exterior cladding and siding can assist you prevent water seepage, wetness, and mold. This is all while contributing to the style and look of your home. It's important to seek advice from a specialist in outside cladding. They'll assist you pick the best outside cladding materials according to the requirements of your home. Whether it's aluminium siding, vinyl siding, acrylic siding, CanExel ® siding, fibre cement siding (James Hardie ®), heat-treated (or "burned") wood siding or brick and stone siding, we have the outside siding professionals for you.

Landscape architecture

The more alternatives to consider, the more complex your landscaping task may be to achieve. The importance of our service which provides you access to the finest experts in landscaping. They'll ensure your dream landscape is completed exactly how you dreamed it.

Mold removal and catastrophe recovery restorations

Our restoration consultants will assist you through each action of the procedure! They'll help from the participation of your insurance company all the way to picking the ideal professional. This is done in order to ensure that your catastrophe healing task is a success.

General Contractors in house renovations.

Of course, in addition to the lots of different specialized contractors, we have a big bank of basic contractors who will function as job supervisors on your house restoration and generate their team of experts who work in a number of fields with their own specializeds. These basic professionals are the perfect professionals to handle your kitchen area, bathroom, house extension, home improvement, etc

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