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Drywall Repair

Mishaps take place. That's why we have a specialized repair work service department that handles damaged from fire, hail, flood and any other events.

We comprehend the dissatisfaction homeowners and remediation business go through throughout these bumpy rides. We aim to decrease the stress throughout the remediation treatment with proficient staff that will assist bringing your Richmond BC house and or organisation back to regular. Our workers is capable of completing any job from elimination of old drywall and insulation, to painting completed walls, ceiling and more.

Sort Of Repair:

Residential and Commercial

Ceiling repair work

Flooded basements


Drywall Insulation

We pursue success because of that we supply extraordinary product and skilled experts to guarantee you and your house will be protected from the serious weather that take place in British Columbia.

Attic Insulation

Improving attic insulation is the initial action to increasing energy performance in your house leading to more expense savings. As hot air boosts, it will be caught and re-distributed in your attic.

Cellulose or Fibrous glass can be included over existing insulation, increasing the R-value and energy efficiency. The existing requirement for attic insulation is R40, with great deals of homeowners deciding to update to R50.Included with attic insulation is the setup of an attic gain access to collar, to maintain the additional insulation, together with the insulation of the attic access cover. Some houses developed prior to 1990 might also require the setup of air chutes, also referred to as insulation stops or baffles, to keep soffit ventilation.

Wall Insulation

Attic Pro' s Insulation has actually responded to client requirement by becoming a certified applicator of blown insulation. This innovative item looks like the FibrousGlass insulation blown into attics, however made to fill vertical wall cavities.

While it's generally utilized in brand-new house building and building, Attic Pro' s can be retrofitted into almost any existing home! Attic Pro' s supplies several advantages over fibrous glass batt insulation, including a more personalized fit, superior sound reduction, and greater resistance to mould and bugs.

Sound Proofing

To read more about our insulation services or to get a completely free quote for your house or workplace. Please have a word with our Nu Rock Professionals.

Drywall Texturing

Eliminating popcorn textured ceilings is not too difficult, nevertheless it is a very untidy task that requires manual difficult labour and security preventative measures.

Do It Yourself drywalling steps listed below or call Nu Rock Construction for a complimentary quote.

Potential Health Danger Before acquiring products, preparation, moving of furniture or covering locations with plastic; look for this possible danger initially: Asbestos: Acoustic (popcorn) texture made prior to 1980's might consist of asbestos and will require screening prior to extra advancement. You may ditch little quantities of ceiling texture, in several locations on the ceiling, into a plastic bag or work with an authorized testing service to take the samples for you.

One More Thing Before removing your ceiling, check if the popcorn texture has been painted. Painting might have given brand-new life to a dull ceiling, it will prevent the texture from soaking up water therefore will not loosen the item. Painted popcorn texture might need a chemical stripper to breakdown the barrier in order to continue the project.Equipment and Materials for the Job Here is a list of what you will require to finish your task: Plastic sheathing for floorings and walls, dust mask/ respirator, eye protection, painters tape, pump-up sprayer/ spray bottle, large drywall scraper, putty knife, drywall joint substance, drywall joint tape, sanding paper or sanding pad with manage and clean fabric. Preparation for getting rid of popcorn texture is an understated 'unpleasant task', therefore guarantee you have actually finished the best prep work to keep from damaging your house. All furniture must be eliminated from the room. Place plastic sheathing over products if the home furnishings can not be gotten rid of. Shut off power to the room and heating or cooling system. Cover wall outlets, vents, modifications and so on with plastic and link painter's tape. Cover the floor covering with plastic and attach the plastic overtop the baseboard with painter's tape (you may also use a ground cloth as floor covering security). You might choose to cover the walls utilizing the same strategy above, although it may not be essential for your task. Elimination Now that the location is safe, and consisted of, it's time to put on that dust mask or respirator, and grab the safety glasses. Fill the pump-up sprayer or spray bottle with warm water.

Making use of a big drywall scraper, thoroughly scrape away the popcorn texture at a 45-degree angle one area at a time. After you have actually ended up scraping the ceiling, it's time to use the drywall substance. Use the drywall compound using a drywall knife to issue places.

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